Monday, March 16, 2009

36 weeks and counting...

I haven't blogged about my pregnancy too much. I think the reason is because I feel like that's all I talk about. But now as I am nearing the end I feel the need to wrap it all up into one blog. Here goes...

As I was dealing with my exhaustion and the never ending nausea at the being of my pregnancy I thought "this is going to be the LONGEST 9 months/40 weeks of my life!" I just could not understand why anyone would do this to themselves multiple times. (I'm still kind of contemplating that thought.) Yet, as I progressed onward into my 2nd trimester and began to feel 100 times better everything began to get easier, (putting aside the random pains that were hard to explain and no one warned me about.) Even my 3rd trimester really has been no problem. Oh course I'm as big as a blimp, my feet look like they belong to a sasquatch, my back hurts, and every movement I make is somehow related to the muscle between my legs that hurts like hell. I have been able to reasonably deal with all of those pains. I think that is mostly due to the fact that they are easily explained. The random pains that are hard to explain are the kind that upset me the most. For example during the end of my 1st and beginning of my 2rd trimesters I had the worst "round ligament pains" I had no clue what was going on and they hurt so bad I cried. I didn't deal with them very well, I was a big baby.

Tomorrow, I will be 36 weeks pregnant! Holy cow how time has flown by. The latest news with my pregnancy is that Emma Rose is breeched. She is actually in a transverse position. During my 34th week appointment she was head down, but apparently she didn't like being upside down and turned back. So, I have been scheduled to have an external version done on Monday, March 23rd. They will turn her if she has not already decided to turn on her own. Of course there are risks. There is a possibility that the placenta can detach and in turn they would have to do an emergency c-section. Also, if there is sill a significant amount of fluid for her to move around in then they would want want induce me after they get her into position because of the possibility that she could move back. As you can imagine I have lots of opinions on all of this and I'm not sure I even want to go through with the procedure. As of right now I am praying that she stops being a pain and does what she is supposed to do. If not there is a possibility that Emma Rose will be here next week.

Check out this video on You Tube: External Version and External Version

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby News

Yesterday I went for my 12 week appointment and it turned out to be more exciting than it was supposed to be. Usually during a pregnancy they only do 2 or 3 sonograms. The first is done at your 7 week appointment because it is the best and easiest way to hear the baby's heartbeat. At this point it is just a relief to know that there is something really in there and that you haven't been sick for nothing. At 7 weeks the baby looks like nothing more than a shrimp and is like the size of your finger nail. Never the less it is still exciting to just be able to see something. The next sonogram is done around 20 weeks and that is when you find out the sex of the baby. The other follows late in the pregnancy and if there are any complications there could be a few extra. But yesterday I got a surprising glimpse of our baby. Normally at a 12 week appointment they just check for the heartbeat with a Doppler (no picture just sound), but they couldn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler so they rolled in the ultrasound machine and I got to see the baby. It was very exciting and unexpected. It actually looked like a baby although it is only 2 inches long. I could see the arms and legs moving all around, but as excited as I was about I was sad because Wilbur wasn't there to see it too. I had decided after the first appointment that there wasn't any point in him going to every appointment. That he only really needed to be there for the important ones. He really missed out and it was all me fault. Poor Wilbur.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Maddie Grace

My brother, Marshall, and his wife, Teresa, have the most precious little girl named Maddie Grace. This little girl has completely stolen every ones heart. She is the cutest, funniest, most out going, loving, adorable, happy, and bright child that I have ever come in contact with. Seriously, I feel sorry for all the grandchildren including my own that are still to come. She has created some big footsteps to follow. I love this little girl to death each and every time I see her she melts my heart. I just hope and pray that my own child will have at least a twinkle of her character. I know to others this blog post might be a little silly, but to all of you that have not had the opportunity to experience the joy of Maddie Grace you just can't even begin to understand.


As many of you know I have a rather large family even when you exclude my step families. My dad has 6 siblings and my mom only has two, but we are still close to our extended family as far back as like 3rd and 4th cousins. Then you have to consider that both of my parents are remarried. Nancy (my step mom) has 3 siblings and Skip (my step dad) has 2 siblings and of course they have children and grandchild. Now, consider the fact that I'm married. Therefore, my family consist of the Graham, Bloodworth, Reeves, Kimbery, Taylor, Wall, Oberthorn, Wood, and Taylor families. Crazy HUH?! Holidays come around and Will and I run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Every year we spend the holiday season visiting family after family eating ALL day long until you want to explode on Thanksgiving. Even though having a lot of family to visit is stressful to say the least, we always enjoy the time that we get to spend with everyone. My point to this blog is this... this will be the last year :) Will and I have said from the beginning: while it is just the two of us we will run around as much as we possibly can but once we have a child it will come to a STOP. The stress of it all is almost to much for us to handle much less a child. We want our children to enjoy the holidays and we would like to enjoy them with them as well. So, 2009 all the holiday visiting will be conducted at the William Wood Family residence. EVERYONES invited :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Early Pregnancy

Today we are officially 8 weeks pregnant. I say "we" because all though I'm the one actually carrying the baby, Will is the one who is taking care of me who is acting like a baby, lol . Actually, I've always thought that having a baby takes two. Yes, my body is the one that is nurturing and developing our little one but I couldn't do this alone. Will's love and ability to take care of my needs and wants (as random as they seem to have been) has really made life easier on me. Basically, Will takes care of me and I take care of the baby, we're a team and "we're having a baby!" Although, I haven't been pregnant very long I already feel as though I'm in someone else's body. I've never been a picky eater. I've always enjoyed protein (chicken, beef, pork, deer). I've always enjoyed Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, BBQ... etc. I've also never had a problem going to the restroom, I've been pretty regular in that department. BUT NOW this body that I'm inhabiting has done a 180 on me. I can't hardly stand to eat food, smell food, or much less look at food! Days have gone by between restroom breaks and the smell of anything cooking makes me pinch my nose and run for a safe place. I'm constantly cold when I'm usually hot and nausea comes in waves that are as random as they come. Other than that life seems the same, LOL!

I'm currently full of life experiences that I'm willing to share with anyone that is willing to listen. So, keep a look out I have lots of humorous, random, and maybe a little disgusting stories and thoughts to share. That's why I created this blog. HEY, I maybe even get Wilbur to post (yeah, right!)