Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Early Pregnancy

Today we are officially 8 weeks pregnant. I say "we" because all though I'm the one actually carrying the baby, Will is the one who is taking care of me who is acting like a baby, lol . Actually, I've always thought that having a baby takes two. Yes, my body is the one that is nurturing and developing our little one but I couldn't do this alone. Will's love and ability to take care of my needs and wants (as random as they seem to have been) has really made life easier on me. Basically, Will takes care of me and I take care of the baby, we're a team and "we're having a baby!" Although, I haven't been pregnant very long I already feel as though I'm in someone else's body. I've never been a picky eater. I've always enjoyed protein (chicken, beef, pork, deer). I've always enjoyed Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, BBQ... etc. I've also never had a problem going to the restroom, I've been pretty regular in that department. BUT NOW this body that I'm inhabiting has done a 180 on me. I can't hardly stand to eat food, smell food, or much less look at food! Days have gone by between restroom breaks and the smell of anything cooking makes me pinch my nose and run for a safe place. I'm constantly cold when I'm usually hot and nausea comes in waves that are as random as they come. Other than that life seems the same, LOL!

I'm currently full of life experiences that I'm willing to share with anyone that is willing to listen. So, keep a look out I have lots of humorous, random, and maybe a little disgusting stories and thoughts to share. That's why I created this blog. HEY, I maybe even get Wilbur to post (yeah, right!)

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