Friday, September 5, 2008


As many of you know I have a rather large family even when you exclude my step families. My dad has 6 siblings and my mom only has two, but we are still close to our extended family as far back as like 3rd and 4th cousins. Then you have to consider that both of my parents are remarried. Nancy (my step mom) has 3 siblings and Skip (my step dad) has 2 siblings and of course they have children and grandchild. Now, consider the fact that I'm married. Therefore, my family consist of the Graham, Bloodworth, Reeves, Kimbery, Taylor, Wall, Oberthorn, Wood, and Taylor families. Crazy HUH?! Holidays come around and Will and I run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Every year we spend the holiday season visiting family after family eating ALL day long until you want to explode on Thanksgiving. Even though having a lot of family to visit is stressful to say the least, we always enjoy the time that we get to spend with everyone. My point to this blog is this... this will be the last year :) Will and I have said from the beginning: while it is just the two of us we will run around as much as we possibly can but once we have a child it will come to a STOP. The stress of it all is almost to much for us to handle much less a child. We want our children to enjoy the holidays and we would like to enjoy them with them as well. So, 2009 all the holiday visiting will be conducted at the William Wood Family residence. EVERYONES invited :)

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